I hear a lot of women & for that matter even men say that they have dreams but they are going to have to wait because they have to be practical. Have you ever heard someone say this? I may just be a dreamer but listen, there is no reason you can't follow your dreams while being practical. Why wait to start chasing those dreams? Our days here are numbered. So, go for it! Even if it's baby steps, any step is better than no step! You can do it! Start putting that passion into action.


Self explanatory, right? Not necessarily! Every single day women get on social media, whether it be Facebook or Instagram, Twitter maybe. They pick up magazines with a woman who is perfectly put together on the cover. What woman hasn't thought wow, look at her! Why can't I look like that? Or how about this, Why isn't my life more glam? There has to be more to life than this. Whoa! Listen ladies! Just because she is on the cover of a magazine it doesn't mean her life is glam! Photo shop is genius! Have you ever played with photo shop? Girl! You can make yourself look flawless, skinny, and add a mole if you want! Be your own kind of beautiful!! You were created with a purpose all your own. God didn't create you to be just like someone else or for that matter to dream of having a different life. You can do amazing things. You are beautiful! Next time you reach for that Cosmo magazine remember this, just because you aren't on the cover of a magazine it doesn't mean that you don't have a beautiful life and a beautiful story. Repeat after me, "I am glam! My life rocks & I can photo shop myself any day of the week! This girl has nothing on me!" Now, get your mind right & go make things happen! XO


I'm not kidding! No, you may not know someone from Adam but why do you have to to smile at them? You may not think that your 2 second encounter matters but you are SO wrong girl! Think about a time when someone made your day a little bit brighter by holding a door open for you, giving you a hug, or simply giving you a seriously serious how is your day and actually wanted to hear how your day was! Listen that that last one again, a how is your day and actually listening to how your day is going... Got it? Okay most of you reading this are thinking that has never happened to me. Normally I walk past someone and say how are you and they reply good and you and my response is fine and then I keep walking... Right? Okay now imagine another encounter. What if we took just 2 minutes and stopped, looked at this person in the eyes, and said how is your day going? How are you feeling today? Then we open up an opportunity to encourage someone, maybe we make them feel more valued by simply taking the time. Maybe, just maybe they really are having a terrible day and you can do something to help. Sometimes we just need a few positive words. The world is very fast paced and we can't help that but we can help how quickly we walk & talk. Stop running today, walk at a pace where it's easier to see the people walking past you and if you have a minute reach out and let them know you notice them, let them know they are valued and that someone cares. Extend grace.